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The Admission For Academic Session 2022-23 will Start from 10th July 2022



B.Ed. programme was started in the College under self-financing scheme in the session (2005-06) with the objective of imparting quality teacher-training to the students so that they can serve as teachers and contribute to the development of human resources. The College has excellent infrastructure, both academic and physical, for running this programme in a smooth and effective manner.


The curriculum is designed to achieve the following general objectives of the B. Ed. Programme :

  • The student teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful.
  • The student teacher understands the process of learning and development among students, different approaches to learning and creates learning opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners and learning contexts.
  • The student teacher plans learning experiences that are based on learner’s existing proficiency, interests, experiences including misconceptions and errors; and an understanding of the process of viewing, developing and making sense of subject matter contained in the learning experiences.
  • The student teacher uses knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.
  • The student teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the learner.
  • The student teacher develops self identity as a teacher through school based experiences and reflective practices that continually evaluate the effects of his/her choices and actions.
  • The student teacher acts as an agent of modernization and social change.
  • The student teacher promotes capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the Constitution of India.
  • The student teacher promotes social cohesion, international understanding and protection of Human Rights and rights of the child.
  • The student teacher will become adept in the use of ICT in the teaching-learning process.

Astha Vaidya

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Mobile No. : 7018864802


Dr. Pooja Kaopoor

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Mobile No. : 9816076143

Designation : Assistant Professor

Dr Monika

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Mobile No. : 9418395100

Designation : Assistant Professor

Dr. Manish Saini

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Mobile No. : 9418024519

Designation : Assistant Professor

Rajender Singh

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Mobile No. : 9418124219

Designation : Assistant professor

Inter B.Ed. College Chess Championship

B.Ed. Intercollege championship was held at Vijay Memorial college of Education Ner chowk on dated 2/06/2022. One of the student of B.Ed. Mr. Tarun won the first prize. 

VGC Mandi
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