The college has two Girl’s Hostel and one Boy’s Hostel with a capacity to accommodate 140 girls and 65 boys. Hostel is allotted on academic merit basis. The following rules are strictly to be observed by the hostel boarders:-

1 The Hostel Warden appoints a Hostel Prefect who looks after the discipline and daily attendance of the girls.
2 The mess is run on co-operative basis.
3 No boarder is allowed to use electric appliances in the room.
4 Entry of outsiders in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
5 Use of drugs or intoxicants, smoking and ragging in the hostel are offences which can result in the eviction of the offender from the hostel.
6 Pets are not allowed in the hostel.
7 No boarder is allowed to precede to his/her native place without prior permission of Hostel warden.
8 On leaving /vacating the hostel, the boarder shall have to procure a “No Dues Certificate” from the Hostel warden.
Note: Candidate has to apply for the refund of security within the period of six months after the completion of his/her course failing which the security will be forfeited.

H.O. A/c Fee and Funds Amount to be charged
Govt. Funds Hostel Admission fee Room rent per seat @ Rs. 30.00 per month 10.00 p.a.
300.00 p.a.
College Dues Hostel Security (Refundable) Furniture Security (Refundable) Utensil Charges Hostel Identity Cards Common Room Fund Attendant Fee ClericalAssistanceFee Electricity Charges WaterCharges Sweeper Charges Depreciation Charges 500.00
30.00 p.a.
5.00 p.a.
60.00 p.a.
TOTAL 2245.00
Mess Advance
Mess Charges Extra
500.00 (Refundable/ adjustable)

Hostel Maintenance fund @ Rs– 4800 for per annum fee will be charged separately

Sanctity of The Hostels

  • The hostels being a part of the University premises deserve a sacred status.
  • Use of bad and abusive language should be avoided within the hostel / University premises.
  • Students are not permitted to keep-in-their possession, room crackers, dangerous weapons, firearms, contraband items or instruments that can cause serious injury to others. Students should not indulge in any illegal and/or unethical activity on the hostel premises.
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and use of narcotic drugs in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited. Neither the students nor their visitors are allowed to bring or consume liquor, drugs, or any other intoxicants in the hostel premises. Severe action will be taken against those in possession of drugs or found under their influence.


College boarders will not allowed to enter in the hostel strictly after 5 p.m.
Boarders are not allowed to move outside the college campus during college time except Wednesday and Saturday from 2 P.M to 5 P.M
No boarder is allowed to proceed to her native place without the prior permissionof hostel warden.
Only one leave will be allowed once a month. In another cases decision will be inthe hand of hostel warden.
For seeking leave from hostel, the boarder must obtain prior written permission from the warden.
Hostel administration will not be responsible during leave duration as well as for extended leave duration.
Parents are directed to contact with hostel authority only with those mobile number whose are given in the hostel form for the security point of girls.
No boarder is allowed to antisocial activities in the college campus.
No boarder is allowed to use electric appliances such as heater electricalkettle etc.
If any damages is found to the hostel property as well as misuse of any given services(such as electricity, water,TV)then the amount will be charged from the boarders.
No boarder is allowed to enter in mess in the absence of hostel attendant
The admission of boarder will be valid upto one year only.
All the boarders are directed to provide their medical details (any special medical case) to hostel warden.
Boarders can only meet with their parents and local guardian whose photographs are given by parents in the hostel.
If any boarder is found guilty of violating above mentioned rules then necessary action will be taken against her and hostel authority will not be responsible for it any kind.
Ragging is strictly prohibited in college campus.

Dr. Bharti Sharma

Dr. Bharti Sharma (Associate Prof. Dept. of Commerce, VGC Mandi H.P)
Mobile:- 94184-04024


Dr. Jyoti

Dr. Jyoti (Assistant Prof. Dept. of Sanskrit VGC Mandi H.P)
Mobile:- 70188-06962

Hostel Established Year:- 1970
Rooms:- 22
Student Capacity:- 80
Mess:- Mess facility is available for students

Old Girl's Hostel Image's

Old Girl Hostel
Old Girl Hostel
Old Girl Hostel


Dr. Banita Kumari

Dr. Banita Kumari (Assistant Prof. Dept. of Botany, VGC Mandi H.P)
Mobile:- 99683-83693

Hostel Established Year:- 2016
Rooms:- 24
Student Capacity:- 90
Mess:- Mess facility is available for students


Dr. Santosh Sawariya

Dr. Santosh Sawariya (Assistant Prof. Dept. of Dance, VGC Mandi H.P)
Mobile:- 70154-55379

Hostel Established Year:- 2016
Rooms:- 26
Student Capacity:- 65
Mess:- Mess facility is available for students