Institutional Distinctiveness

Promoting Employability among Students

Vallabh Govt. College is committed to equip the students with necessary knowledge, abilities and experiences to thrive in their chosen careers. Students are provided opportunities for internships and commercial projects that offer hands-on experience and industry insights. Recognizing the rapidly evolving nature of industries and professions, our institute takes a proactive approach in curriculum delivery, ensuring that programmes are aligned with the latest industry trends and demands, so that students acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and competencies sought after by employers. This emphasis on practical learning prepares students to also develop the skill of adaptability that is necessary to succeed in any kind of work environment. For the same reason, many skill based professional courses and other academic skill enhancement programmes are offered by the college (which is amongst a few colleges of the state, where such courses are provided), to promote employability.

Skill Development Courses and Programmes : Various skill based professional courses like BBA, BCA, B. Ed. and PGDCA are functional under the self-financing scheme in the college. Apart from that, skill based academic courses like Psychology are also functional. With an emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills, Psychology equips students with tools essential for personal growth and professional success. Through internships and community service initiatives, these departments aim to prepare students for real life, refine their skills and expand their professional networks.

The college also offers the following two ‘NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework) UGC approved 3-year regular degree programme under semester system for vocational studies (B. Voc.) in Retail management and B. Voc. Hospitality & Tourism. Through innovations and challenges, students are encouraged to explore their creative potential and develop innovative solutions to problems. These courses not only offer experiential learning to promote employability but also give a platform for campus placements.

Many students of B. Voc. departments have successfully secured jobs in their respective fields with dedicated efforts, hard work and the support of our faculty. Our alumni are progressing in diverse job profiles, showcasing their skills and professionalism from entry level positions to managerial roles.