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Library is the most attractive and educative place in the campus of an institution which supports reading and literacy among students & the community. It forms the habit and tradition of reading among students. Vallabh Mahavidyalaya library is one of the oldest libraries, well equipped with modern facilities and resources consisting books, journals, magazines, online database. It has rich collection of reference books & text books in the fields of Science, Commerce and Humanities.

College is member of the Project National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST), being jointly executed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT Delhi. This project provides free access to a collection of more than 31,35,000+ full text e-books and more than 6000+ e-journals on all the subjects to students, researchers and faculty members. Many new academic e-resources are added to this facility nearly every month. Full text e-books can also be downloaded or printed directly from the publisher’s website under this project. The students desirous of using this facility are directed to contact Librarian/Assistant Librarian along with their e-mail IDs. After registration use the link ( ) to log in N-List.

Students can also have access to National Digital Library of India, which is a virtual repository of learning resources which is not only just a repository with a search/browse facilities but also provides a host of services containing textbooks, articles, videos, audio books, lectures, simulations, fiction and all other kinds of learning media for the learners/users community. It is a project under Ministry of Education, Government of India, through its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT). The objective is to collect and collate metadata and provide full text index from several national and international digital libraries, as well as other relevant sources. The NDLI provides free of cost access to many books. It is developed, operated and maintained from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. To register in National Digital Library use the link ( ) and further they can be the member of NDLI club set up by the institution.

Eleven computers with Internet access and N-List facility have already been installed in the college library for the benefit of the students. All the students are directed to adhere to the following library rules strictly;

  • All the students on the rolls of the College shall be eligible to become members of the College Library.
  • Every student is entitled to draw two books for reading at home for a period of one month from the library.
  • The borrower shall be solely responsible for the safety/preservation of the books drawn by him/her.
  • A fine of Re. 1/- per day per book will be charged beyond due date of submission of the book from the defaulter students.
  • Books are also issued for the whole semester/year to the students belonging to SC/ST, low income group on the recommendation of the tutor.
  • Reference books are not issued. They can be consulted in the library after obtaining permission from the librarian.
  • In case of loss of a book, the student will have to replace the book or pay fine in addition to the present price of the book with special permission of the Principal.
  • Books are issued only on the production of Identity Card.
  • In case a book is found mutilated, torn or defaced the actual cost of the book plus 20% of the original cost will be charged from such defaulter student.
  • Students can get their library security refunded within one year after leaving the College; failing which the security will stand forfeited.

The college library have independent double story building with CCTV surveillance having three reading halls, one reference section, one digital library room with seating capacity of more than 400 students.

Online Public Access Catalogue Click here

Collection of study material is an integral function of a library. Our library has developed a good collection of different library resources on different subjects.

The library resources include

  • Books (Accessioned-51677 / 38275 on shelves)
  • Print Journals - 14
  • Magazines - 23
  • News Papers - 12
  • Online Public Access Catalogue

Subject Wise Collection of Books

Subject No. of Books
Computer Science 363
Journalism 96
Psychology 212
Sociology 817
Political Science 2796
Economics 2482
Public Administration 351
Education 2066
Commerce 2711
Mathematics 1472
Physics 1883
Chemistry 1627
Botany 1495
Zoology 1057
Biotechnology 747
Retail Management 18
Applied Arts 15
Music 467
Dance 43
Painting 14
Physical Education 397
Hindi 5442
English 4582
Sanskrit 1156
Geography 1070
History 2097
Biography 514
Miscellaneous 2285


Sr. No. Periodical Frequency
1 Employment News weekly
2 Giriraj weekly
3 University News weekly
4 India Today weekly
5 India Today (Hindi) weekly
6 Sports Star Fortnightly
7 Down To Earth Fortnightly
8 Front Line Fortnightly
9 Business Today Fortnightly
10 Business World Fortnightly
11 Business India Fortnightly
12 Competition Success Review Monthly
13 Competition Success Review G.K. Monthly
14 Civil Service Chronicle Monthly
15 Junior Science Refresher Monthly
16 Pratiyogita Darpan Monthly
17 Reader’s Digest Monthly
18 Science Reporter Monthly
19 Vigyan Pragati Monthly
20 Yojna Monthly
21 Yojna (Hindi) Monthly
22 Kurukshetra Monthly
23 Kurukshetra (Hindi) Monthly


  • Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research   (4 issue/year)   Lifetime Sub.
  • International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication   (3 issue/year)
  • Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management   (Monthly)
  • Indian Journal of Marketing   (Monthly)
  • Economic and Political Weekly   (Weekly)
  • Edutraks   (Monthly)
  • Journal of Community Guidance and Research   (Quarterly)
  • CTE National journal Quest for Excellence in Teacher Education   (Half Yearly)
  • Indian Journal of Psychology and Mental Health
  • Journal of All India Association for Educational Research   (Half Yearly)
  • Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha   Quartely   For 10 years w.e.f. 2016
  • Indian Educational Review   Half Yearly
  • Journal of Indian Education   Quaterly
  • School Science   Quarterly

Back Issues of Journals

  • Proceedings : Mathematical Science
  • Bulletin of Material Science
  • Sadhana: Academy Proceedings in Engineering Science
  • Journal of Earth System Science
  • Journal of Biosciences
  • Indian Journal of Biotechnology
  • Journal of Genetics
  • Current Science
  • Pramana: Journal of Physics
  • Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
  • Journal of Chemical Science
  • Resonance: Journal of Science Education
  • International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology
  • Indian Journal of Information Science and Computer Application
  • Express Computer
  • Ruminations: A Peer Reviewed Bio-Annual International Journal for Analysis and Research in Humanities and Social Science
  • Sociological Bulletin
  • South Asian Survey
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics
  • The Journal of Indian Writing in English
  • The Literary Criterion
  • JELL: Journal of English Literature and language
  • Indian Journal of American Studies
  • Samkalin Bhartiya Sahitya (Hindi)
  • Aalochana (Hindi)
  • Management and Accounting Research
  • IIMB Management Review
  • Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research
  • The Management Accountant
  • The Chartered Accountant
  • Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management
  • Indian Journal of Marketing
  • Edutracs
  • Indian Journal of Teacher Education: Anweshika
  • Journal of Community Guidance and Research
  • Journal of All India Association for Educational Research
  • Journal of Educational Planning and Administration
  • Indian Educational Review
  • Teacher Support
  • The CTE National Journal: Quest for Excellence in Teacher Education
  • Psycho Lingua
  • Indian Journal of Psychology and Education
  • Journal of Indian Education
  • Bhartiya Aadhunik Shiksha (Hindi)

N-LIST (6000+Journals, 1, 64,300+ eBooks and 6, 00,000 eBooks through NDL)

e-Journals (Fulltext)

News Papers, Periodicals and Journals – VGC Mandi

  • News Papers   12 (6 Hindi + 6 English)
  • Magazines   23
  • Journals   14 (9 BEd + 4 BBA + 1 AF)


  • Dainik Tribune
  • Punjab Kesari
  • Divya Himachal
  • Amar Ujala
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • The Tribune
  • Indian Express
  • Hindustan Times
  • The Hindu
  • Financial Express
  • Economic Times
Sr. No. File Title Website Link
1 N-List View Website
2 National Digital Library View Website

Geography e-Books

E-books Economics

Competitive Examination e-Links

List of Botany books

Chemistry ebooks Links

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Zoology eBooks

General Studies Link for HAS & IAS

List of History ebooks

English Literature

Sr. No. Title
1 Encyclopaedia Britannica 2 sets 30Vols
2 Oxford Junior Encyclopaedia
3 Everymen’s Encyclopaedia
4 Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopaedia
5 Hutchinson’s Twentieth Century Encyclopaedia
6 The Columbia Encyclopaedia
7 The Great Encyclopaedia of Universal Knowledge
8 Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences
9 International Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences
10 McGraw Hill Encyclopaedia of World Bibliography
11 The New illustrated Everyman Encyclopaedia
12 The Macmillan Encyclopaedia
13 New Standard Encyclopaedia
14 Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
15 Encyclopaedia Indica
16 Encyclopaedia of world Art
17 Cyclopaedia of English Literature
18 Illustrated World Encyclopaedia
19 Encyclopaedia of Child and Primary Education Development   3Vols
20 Encyclopaedia Of Educational Research   4Vols
21 Encyclopaedia of Education   7Vols
22 Encyclopaedia of Fundamental of Educational Psychology   3Vols
23 Encyclopaedia of Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education   2Vols
24 Encyclopaedia of Education & Technology   2Vols
25 Encyclopaedia of Education   4Vols
26 Encyclopaedia of Physical Education   5Vols
27 Encyclopaedia of Educational Technology   4Vols
28 Encyclopaedia of Teaching Physical Science   3Vols
29 Encyclopaedia of Education and Technology   3Vols
30 Encyclopaedia of Modern Education Techniques and Methodology   5vols
31 Encyclopaedia of World’s Great Educational Thinkers   2vols
32 Encyclopaedia of World Great writers   2Vols
33 Encyclopaedia of Teacher Education   2Vols
34 Encyclopaedia of Education, Culture and Children Literature   4Vols
35 Encyclopaedia of Education System in India   12Vols
36 Encyclopaedia of Higher Education in 21st Century   3Vols
37 Encyclopaedia of Educational Problems   2Vols
38 Encyclopaedia of Primary Education   5Vols
39 Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Education   2vols