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Alumni Participation during NAAC visit NAAC VISIT 2023 VGC Mandi is Overall Champion in HPU intercollege Boxing Championship-2022 Download BA, B.Sc.& B.Com 1st, 2nd & 3rd year Time Table for the session 2022-23 from Notice Board.

Minority Cell

Minority cell of the college was established with the purpose of empowering the minoritycommunities in the college.

College has been very much keen to provide services to the educational and cultural needs of the Minority community along with other caste, creed and Nationality. The Minority Cell basically helps minority students including Christian, Muslim etc. for their academic development.


  • To enhance equal opportunities for education of minorities.
  • To facilitate financial support to students from minority communities from governmental agencies and other sources.

Members of Minority cell for session -2022-23
1. Dr. Puran Chand, Associate Professor Convener
2.Dr. Harish Kumar, Associate ProfessorMember
3.Dr. Chetan Singh, Associate ProfessorMember
4.Dr. Rakesh Kapoor, Assistant ProfessorMember
5.Dr. Mujeev Hussain, Assistant ProfessorMember