Chemistry Club

(Science for Students for Society)


“Education is the basic tool for the development of consciousness and reconstruction of society”. These words of Gandhi ji have the same relevance even in the present scenario of the education system. Today we don’t live in a homogenous physical space, but in a society which is a mixture of many beliefs and cultures as the whole world is accessible to us through the internet.

The knowledge, whether good or bad, relevant or irrelevant, true or manipulated is free flowing to the students. We cannot prepare students for the present day society or for the future, if we continue to adopt the traditional methods of imparting knowledge. In order to contribute to society, the students need to be able to abstract the relevant information and apply it to solve the problem in hand. In this context, acquisition of ideas through observation, and then communication of these ideas to students has become very important. Any institution cannot truly achieve its objective if it remains disconnected from society. Specifically speaking, institutions of higher learning must work with society in close symbiosis with each other in defining and solving the problems. Though most of the institutions have planned many programs to connect with neighboring societies, the scientific community is believed to be detached and unable to establish sufficient rapport with society. Though it is not exactly true, yet scientific communications through active participation of students, teachers and society is the need of time. This can well address many issues by perceiving and communicating what is happening around the globe and how it is important for our society or life.
In order to address the above mentioned challenges, Vallabh Government College Mandi has successfully contributed to society in many ways and is still continuing its efforts. As an additional step, Chemistry Club is being constituted by the Department of Chemistry to ensure all round development of students by bringing them out of traditional classroom learning. The club activities are designed so as to ensure active involvement of the students so that they may acquire skills of observation in real life situations to define their problems, making them capable of reporting their ideas in a refined and precise manner. Focus is also laid on refining many other skills like the use of computer/ICT abstracting/compiling knowledge from various reliable resources and its communication in effective ways, use of technology like virtual labs, common scientific software etc. These efforts will surely widen the mental horizon of our students and will pass them out of the institution as intellectuals ready to serve the society with requisite skills.

The Constitution of Chemistry Club

The year 2019 is 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and has been proclaimed as the "International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019)" by the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO. Dmitri Mendeleev was the major discoverer of the modern periodic table. To commemorate the contribution of this great scientist, the Chemistry Club has been named as ‘Mendeleev Chemistry Club’, so that future student communities of the region may be able to appreciate his contributions.

Membership of Club : Three classes of members proposed for the club are as following -

Student members : Any science student of Vallabh Govt. College can apply for club membership on prescribed Performa. The student membership will be free. There will be three units, one each for B.Sc. I, B.Sc. II, B.Sc. III classes, consisting of a maximum of 40 students each. All the club members are expected to participate actively in various events organized by the club.

Faculty Members : All members of the teaching staff of the Chemistry department will be members of the club. To meet the expected expenses during various activities of the club, the faculty members shall contribute a certain membership fee as decided from time to time.

Honorary members : As the Chemistry club intends to encourage the students to connect with society, learned society members are expected to reciprocate through experience sharing or any other constructive way. It is, therefore, expected that the retired faculty members of Chemistry department participate actively by voluntarily opting for honorary membership by contributing the requisite membership fee.

Club Activities and Objectives

Enrollment drive – New club members from B.Sc. I will be enrolled during the first and second week of July every year.

Welcome Session - To introduce new members of the club, existing members will organize a welcome session during the 4th week of July every year. Selection/nomination of office bearers for the new academic session is also to be completed during this welcome session.

Wall Magazine - Wall magazine has been planned to be a regular activity of the club. Wall magazine provides a platform to students to express their scientific knowledge in a creative manner i.e. in the form of a visual, poem, poster or any other form. All the students are encouraged to display some interesting facts/latest happenings in the world of chemistry every week. Apart from this, a new interesting section [WallQ] is to be introduced where some concept based advanced level chemistry problems will be displayed every week as a challenge for the students. Students will get due credit for their efforts in the form of a prize at the end of the academic session.

Student seminars - Students will be encouraged to give power point presentations on any scientific topic of their interest for discussion. This activity will definitely help in confidence building and will provide motivation for public speaking.

Celebration of Scientific events -
Mole day – October 23
National Science Day – February 28

In-House Symposium - This one day activity aims at providing a platform for chemistry teachers from schools and colleges to share their views on certain chemistry education related challenges. The discussion will help in identifying the problem areas and suggest remedial measures to improve the overall chemistry education scenario.

Field visits and outreach activity - The activity will provide opportunity for the students to learn through experiences and first hand observation. Students will visit some industries or labs to learn how their theoretical/lab education can be put into action for society. Under outreach activity, students can also visit some rural schools or villages to organize awareness camps on science related issues.

Club Annual Day - In order to appreciate and recognize the efforts that students put throughout an academic session in organizing various club activities, they will be awarded prizes such as: Best Wall Magazine Contributor, WallQ winner, Certificate of appreciation to office bearers and participation certificates.

Apart from this, efforts are also being made to compile all club activities in the form of a separate ‘Club Bulletin’ or a similar section in the College magazine so that other students get inspiration for participation.

Office Bearers of Chemistry Club for Session 2023-24

Ms. Surina Sharma Principal Patron
Ms. Devika Vaidya Associate Professor President
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Assistant Professor Club Convener
Ms. Samriti Sharma Student B.Sc. III General Secretary
Mr. Siddarth Rana Student B.Sc. III Secretary (Events)
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Student B.Sc. III Secretary (Wall Magazine)
Mr. Ritesh Kumar Student B.Sc. II Associate Secretary
Ms. Shallu Student B.Sc. II Associate Secretary
Ms. Vanya Student B.Sc. I Associate Secretary
Ms. Sanjana Student B.Sc. I Associate Secretary

Office Bearers of Chemistry Club for Session 2022-23

Dr. Y.P. Sharma Principal Patron
Ms. Devika Vaidya Associate Professor President
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Assistant Proessor Club Convener
Miss Deeksha Student B.Sc. III General Secretary
Miss Shalu Student B.Sc. II Associate Secretary
Miss Simran Student B.Sc. I Secretary (Wall Magazine)