National Service Scheme

About National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It provides opportunity to the student youth of 11th & 12th Class of schools at +2 Board level and student youth of Technical Institution, Graduate & Post Graduate at colleges and University level of India to take part in various government led community service activities & programs.The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. Since inception of the NSS in the year 1969, the number of students strength increased from 40,000 to over 3.8 million up to the end of March 2018 students in various universities, colleges and Institutions of higher learning have volunteered to take part in various community service programs.

The NSS Badge Proud to Serve the Nation :


All the youth volunteers who opt to serve the nation through the NSS led community service wear the NSS badge with pride and a sense of responsibility towards helping needy.

The Konark wheel in the NSS badge having 8 bars signifies the 24 hours of a the day, reminding the wearer to be ready for the service of the nation round the clock i.e. for 24 hours.

Red color in the badge signifies energy and spirit displayed by the NSS volunteers.

The Blue color signifies the cosmos of which the NSS is a tiny part, ready to contribute its share for the welfare of the mankind.

Motto :

The motto of National Service Scheme is

Benefits of Being a NSS Volunteer :

A NSS volunteer who takes part in the community service program would either be a college level or a senior secondary level student. Being an active member these student volunteers would have the exposure and experience to be the following :

  • an accomplished social leader
  • an efficient administrator
  • a person who understands human nature

Major Activities :

National Integration Camp (NIC) :

The National Integration Camp (NIC) is organized every year and the duration of each camp is of 7 days with day-night boarding & lodging. These camps are held in different parts of the country. Each camp involves 200 NSS volunteers to undertake the scheduled activities.

Objectives of the National Integration Camp

Make the NSS volunteers aware of the following :

  • Rich cultural diversity of India
  • History of our diversified culture
  • National pride through knowledge about India
  • To integrate the nation through social service

National Service Scheme Award

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India had instituted the National Service Scheme Awards to recognize the voluntary service rendered by NSS volunteers, Program Officers, N.S.S. units and the university/senior secondary council.

These awards were instituted in the year 1993-1994. Since then, these awards are given away every year at various Levels. The details of these awards are as follows :-

Sr.No. Category No. of Awards Value of each award




Rs. 3,00,000/-


Upcoming University


Rs. 2,00,000/-


Program Officer


Rs. 70,000/-


NSS Unit


Rs. 1,00,000/-


NSS Volunteer


Rs. 50,000/-

NSS Reports :-

Sr. No. File Name Download Link
1 NSS Report 2022-23 View/Download
2 NSS Report 2021-22 View/Download
3 NSS Report 2020-21 View/Download
4 NSS Report 2019-20 View/Download
5 NSS Report 2018-19 View/Download

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1st time Blood donation by volunteer Sumit thakur 2023-24

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Volunteers working during formation of NSS Garden 2023-24

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