B.Voc(Hospitality and Tourism)

Name of the department : B. Voc. (Hospitality & Tourism)
Year of establishment : 
Program Offered : UG
No. of Teaching posts sanctioned : 3
No. of Teaching posts filled : 3


This scheme on skills development based higher educationis a part of college/university education-leading to Bachelorof Vocation (B.Voc.)Degree with multipleexits such as Diploma/AdvancedDiploma under the NSQF. The B . V o c . Programme is f o c u s e d o n universities p r o v i d i n gundergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles along with broad based general education. This would enablethe graduates completing B. Voc. to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India ‘s economyby gaining appropriate employment- becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge.

The proposed vocational programmein Hospitality and Tourism a judicious mix of skills- professional education related to Tourismand also appropriate content of general education. It is designed with the objective of equippingthe students with requiteset of practical and professional skills in tourismand hospitality.


The curriculum in each ofthe years of the programme would be a suitable mix of general educationand skill development components.


The duration of the B. Voc.Hospitality and Tourism shall be three years consisting of six semesters. The duration of each semestershall be five months inclusiveof the days of examinations. There shall be at least 90working days in a semester and a minimum 450 hours of learning in a semester.


The B.Voc. Hospitality and Tourism shall include:

v  GeneralEducation Components

v  Skill Components

v  Internship/Projects


v  The admission to B Voc. programme willbe as per the rules and regulations of the University for admissions. The eligibility criteriafor admission to this B. Voc. Programme shall be 10+2 in all streamsfrom a recognized board.

v  Reservation rules are applicable as per Govt. of HimachalPradesh.

v  The eligibility criteria for admissionshall be as announced by the University from time to time.

v  Otherconditions will be as laid down in admission policy in prospectus of the University.



v  The admission to B Voc. (Hospitality andTourism), Semester – I shall be done based onthe merit in 10+2.

v  A maximum of 40 students can be admitted to B. Voc. programme.

v  Theremay be three types of candidates who can be given admission to first semesterof skill based courses under NSQF:

Category 1: Studentsalready acquired NSQF certification level 4 in a particular industry sector may opt admissionin the skill based courses under NSQF.

Category 2: Students who have acquiredNSQF certification level 4 but may like tochange their trade and may enter into skill based coursesin adifferent trade.

Category – 3: Students passed10+2 examination with conventional schoolingwithout any background of vocational training.


v  The eligibility criteriafor admission shall be as announced by the university from time to time.

v  Separate rank list shall be drawn up for reservedseats as per existing rules.

v  Preferred subjects and index mark calculations will be decided by the respective Board of Studies.

v  Reservation / Quota

The reservation of seatsshall be as per Himachal Pradesh Government Notification issued from time totime and as per the rules of the Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. A maximum of 40 students can beadmitted to one B. Voc. Programme. The studentscan be admitted only to the first semester. Nostudent shall be admitted directly to third and fifth semesterin any circumstance.


v  In case where number of available seatsis less and candidates secure same marks (percent)at the qualifying level examination, the admission of the candidate will be based upon securinghigher marks in High School or equivalent examination.

v  Thereshall be no age bar for admissionin this course.

v  The applicants seeking re-entry into theeducation and training for further advanced leanings in their fieldof expertise in particular tradeshould get preference in admission over the new applicants.

v  A candidate cannot pursue two fulltime Under-Graduate courses simultaneously.

v  The University reservesthe right to cancel any admission at any stage.

v  The candidates who have acquiredvocational Certificate / Diploma or Advanced Diplomafrom UGC recognized Community Colleges / B.Voc institutions or DDU KAUSHAL Kendras in a specific sector withcertified skills on  a particular jobrole will be eligible for admissionthrough lateral entryto next higher level on same sector.

v  In case of any matter relating to theUnder-Graduate admissions, the decision of theAdmission Committee/Vice-Chancellor Himachal Pradesh University, Shimlashall be final.

v  All legal matters pertaining to theUnder-Graduate admissions shall be subject to the Himachal Jurisdiction only.



v Medium of instruction shall be English.

Course structure: B.Voc Hospitality & Tourism (UG Semester System Program )

Year/SemesterCourse TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit
1st semester General Component EN111 Learning a Foreign or English 6
General Component TH111 Introduction to Tourism Aviation, Hospitality Industry 6
Skill Component TH121 Skill Paper-01 4
Skill Component TH122 Skill Paper-02 4
Skill Component TH123 Skill Paper-03 4
On Job Training(OJT) TH124 On Job Training 6
2nd semester General Component EN211 Tourism Products 6
General Component TH212 Communicative English for Tourism & Hospitality 6
Skill Component TH221 Skill Paper-01 5
Skill Component TH222 Skill Paper-02 4
Skill Component TH223 Skill Paper-03 4
On Job Training(OJT) TH224 Internship 5
3rd & 4th semester General Component TH311 Basic of Tourism Research 6
General Component TH312 Basic of Tourism Management 6
General Component TH313 Travel Agency Management and Operations 6
General Component TH314 Environment Science 6
Skill Component TH321 Skill Paper-01 5
Skill Component TH322 Skill Paper-02 4
Skill Component TH323 Skill Paper-03 3
On Job Training(OJT) TH421 Internship 24
5th & 6th semester General Component TH511 Travel Geography 6
General Component TH512 Itinerary Preparations 6
General Component TH513 Entrepreneurship in Tourism & Hospitality Industry 6
General Component TH514 Introduction to Tourism Marketing 6
Skill Component HT521 Skill Paper-01 2
Skill Component HT522 Skill Paper-02 5
Skill Component HT523 Skill Paper-03 5
On Job Training(OJT) HT621 Internship(on the job training) 24

Manoj Sharma

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Designation : Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism (B.Voc)

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Dr. Leena Katwal

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Kushal Sharma

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Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture to B.Voc Hospitality & Tourism Students by Mr. Ritesh Patyal  (Assistant Tourism Development officer Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department) for his Guest Lecture)

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

Teachers day Celebration

Teachers day Celebration 2023

Teachers day Celebration

Teachers day Celebration 2018

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

World Tourism day Celebration 2018

World Tourism day Celebration 2018

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

Industrial Tour

Industrial tour to Kullu and Bhuntar Airport

World Youth Skill Day

B.Voc Department Vallabh Govt. College Celebrated World Youth Skill Day on 15th July 2019

VGC Mandi

B.Voc. Hospitality & Tourism Placed Student list 2022-23

B.Voc. Hospitality & Tourism Placed Student list 2022-23

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

B. Voc Hospitality & Tourism Level-4 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

B. Voc  Hospitality & Tourism Level-4 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

B. Voc Hospitality & Tourism Level-5 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

B. Voc  Hospitality & Tourism Level-5 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

B. Voc Hospitality & Tourism Level-6 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

B. Voc  Hospitality & Tourism Level-6 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

VGC Mandi

B. Voc Hospitality & Tourism Level-7 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

B. Voc  Hospitality & Tourism Level-7 OJT (Internship) 2022-23

VGC Mandi

Skill component paper Assessment of Level 7

Skill component paper Assessment of Level 7 will be schedule on 03/06/2023. 

Notice regarding OJT Completion

This is inform to all the B. Voc 6thsemester students that your On job training of session 2022-23 has come to anend, and it is time for you to return to college to resume your remainingacademic activities. So,you all are inform to come to department on Monday 24th April 2023with your OJT certificate issued by the hotel along with feedback form.

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