Department of Education at Vallabh Government College Mandi is one of the youngest departments,established in the year 2018. It offers a Bachelor/ Academic degree of three years in the Education domain which prepares individuals to serve in industry and academics. This course in Education is meant for future educators and educational administrators. It draws on other disciplines such as Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology etc. This course helps students to gain in-depth knowledge with regard to various educational issues, theories of learning, educational policies and practices. This increases their understanding about education in the philosophical, social, political and psychological contexts. It thus helps in preparing students for new-age roles in the field of education and other sectors.

Programme Outcomes:

·        The inter-disciplinary nature of the courses included in the programme will help in inculcating right knowledge,belief and action by promoting the cognitive, affective and conative domains of learner’s personality which further will promote their better life adjustments.

·      The programme gives an insight into the various aspects of education and its underlined foundations which in turn helps the learner in understanding the real essence of education.

·        It aims to develop competent persons having qualities of sensitivity, creativity, self-confidence and innovative leadership.

·        On professional front, the programme will help in laying the foundation stone for teaching profession along with wide range of other careers.

Department of Education is under dynamic evolution and its inevitable progression is definitely helping in mentoring the future educationists.



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Visit to Sahyog- Residential School for special children

Excursion to Sahyog- Residential school for Special children

An excursion was arranged for the students of BA III year of Education Department to Sahyog- A residential school for special children located at Naagchala, Mandi (HP) run by Sahyog Bal Shravan Viklang Kalyan Samiti (NGO located in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh) on 19thof November 2022. This institute specifically caters for the needs, education and vocational training of Mentally challenged children. 25 students of Education department, V.G.C. Mandi visited the institution. This visit was arranged by the department as first-hand experience at such institute would help the students to identify, understand and learn about children with special needs which is part of their curriculum. Students interacted with the special educators and special children of the institute. Special educators narrated about the training imparted to those children and the measures that were adopted by the school in educating them. During this visit, students not only got in-depth understanding of various behavioural aspects of those special children but also got acquainted with issues like their problems, education, recreational aspects and vocational training. Students deemed it as a worthwhile exposure.



VGC Mandi




is organizing

An Excursion to Sahyog- School for Special Children

on 19th November, 2022


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