The college library is one among the best in the State. It has an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). There are two large reading halls for students and a girls' reading-room. The Library has 38909 books on the shelves. It subscribes to 13 daily newspapers and 50 magazines and journals regularly. The library has different sections for text books and reference books.

  • Ordinarily two books are issued at a time for a period of 14 days but the librarian has a right to recall the books.
  • A fine of Rs.1/- per day per book will be charged beyond the due date of return of the book.
  • Books are also issued for the whole semester to the students belonging to SC/ST/low income group on the recommendation of the tutor.
  • Reference books are not issued. They can be consulted in the library after obtaining permission from the librarian.
  • In case of loss of a book, the student will have to replace the book or pay fine in addition to the present price of the book with special permission of the Principal.
  • Books are issued only on the production of Identity card.

Students shall be issued I-cards from the library within one month of their admission in the college.

The college has two Girls' Hostel and one Boys' Hostel with a capacity to accommodate 140 girls and 65 boys. Hostel is allotted on academic merit basis. The following rules are strictly to be observed by the hostel boarders:-

  • The Hostel Warden appoints a Hostel Prefect who looks after the discipline and daily attendance of the girls.
  • The Mess is run on co-operative basis.
  • No boarder is allowed to use electric appliances in the room.
  • Entry of outsiders in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of drugs orintoxicants, smoking and ragging in the hostel are offences which can result in the eviction of the offender from the hostel.
  • Pets are not allowed in the hostel.
  • No boarder is allowed to precede to his/her native place without prior permission of Hostel warden.
  • On leaving /vacating the hostel, the boarder shall have to procure a “No Dues Certificate” from the Hostel warden.

Note : Candidate has to apply for the refund of security within the period of six months after the completion of his/her course failing which the security will be forfeited.


H.O. A/c Fee and Funds Amount to be charged
Govt. Funds Hostel Admission fee
Room rent per
seat @ Rs. 30.00 per month
10.00 p.a.
300.00 p.a.
College Dues Hostel Security (Refundable)
Furniture Security (Refundable)
Utensil Charges
Hostel Identity Cards
Common Room Fund
Attendant Fee
Clerical Assistance Fee
Electricity Charges
Water Charges
Sweeper Charges
Depreciation Charges
30.00 p.a.
5.00 p.a.
60.00 p.a.
Total 2245.00
Mess Advance Mess Charges Extra 500.00

Hostel Maintenance fund @ Rs 400 per month will be charged separately