Department of Psychology was established in the year 2017 and offers a Bachelor degree of three years with discipline specific (DSC), skill enhancement (SEC )and elective courses (DSE).

Psychology is considered a hub science with strong connections to the medical and social sciences. In the present scenario of globalization and fast paced life, this subject plays a significant role in the day to day life of every human being. Psychology as a subject continues to develop and improve every single day. In the same manner, our goal is to upgrade its’ faculty and students to meet the challenges of everyday life in the psycho-social environment. Another goal is, psychological understanding of its concepts and application of the principles of Psychology for the growth of its’ students and betterment of society as a whole.

Learning objectives for students of graduation:
  • They will acquire the requisite knowledge in the core domains of psychology, including: social, biological, developmental, cognitive or affective bases of behavior, basics of research and psychopathology, and history of psychology, which are required to understand human mental processes and behavior.
  • They will also grasp the understanding about the importance of  bio-psycho-social factors in scientific inquiry.
  • They will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to prepare themselves for careers in psychological science and other fields as well.
  • They will be encouraged to pursue behavioral/cognitive research and community service after graduation.

The undergraduate curriculum for psychology enable the students to develop their conceptual, research, application and general skills.

Department of Psychology would develop itself more in the coming time with advanced measurement/assessment tools and equipment for the benefit of students.


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World Mental Health Day (1) - Campaign

A one day campaign was organized by the Department of Psychology (on 09.10.2021.) to spread awareness about mental health among students and staff members.
Principal of Vallabh Govt. college (Dr. Y.P. Sharma) was the Chief Guest for this campaign. He inaugurated the various counters which were set up by the students of Department of Psychology on personality assessment, relaxation techniques, assessment/screening of anxiety and mental disorders. Faculty of Public Health (Dr. Akshay Minhas) from Lal Bahadur Shastri Medical College and Hospital (Ner Chowk) was the special guest for the students. He encouraged them not to take mental health lightly and laid emphasis on the significance of social and emotional support while dealing with any psychological anomaly.

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

Media coverage of MENTAL HEALTH DAY (2) Newspaper clips

Print media coverage of World Mental Health Day awareness campaign organized by the Department of Psychology

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

World Rhino Day - 2022

A painting competition was organised on World Rhino Day (22.09.2022)  in the Department of Psychology along with Department of Painting. This competition was sponsored by Indian Oil Corporation. 

VGC Mandi

Practical examination notice - 2024

Practical examination notice - 2024

Practical Notice (March, 2023))

Practical notice for Graduation students of
Psychology for the session 2022-23

Trials for Rangoli competition

Trials for Rangoli making competition - Youth Festival (Group - 1) 2022

Practical Notice

Practical notice for the students of Psychology (March, 2022)


Invitation for all the students and staff members - World Mental Health Day (09.10.2021.)

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