The  Department of Zoology is one of the pivotal department of life sciences in Vallabh Government College Mandi. The  courses offered by Department are affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University  Shimla (HP). Students of life sciences have to opt  Zoology as major  or minor subject.

Zoology pertains to the study of  animals. It is a broad and diverse field that studies  about vertebrates  like fishesamphibians  reptilesbirds,   mammals  and invertebrates in detail. It deals with the morphology,  anatomy and physiological functions of animals, their behavior, relation with  environment  and about management   and conservation practices. For an in-depth  understanding of the zoological world genetics biochemistry, immunology  etc. are included. In BSc   many courses are offered  during three year degree course  programme. In BSC first year students have to  study about Animal diversity , Comparative chordates and developmental biology.In second year  Animal physiology and  biochemistry, Genetics and evolution are offered. In third year   courses like Applied Zoology and Immunology  are to be studied. Skill based courses SEC are offered in second and third  year. These are Sericulture, Medical diagnostics , Apiculture and Aquarium fish  keeping. The department has established mini library  of textbooks and references books for  general consultation  for faculty as well as students.

 Since the year 2013, the Department has  implemented the Choice based Credit System (CBCS) for grading the students.  The  Department has well-furnished  lecture  hall  with  170 students capacity. Lecture hall can  also  be utilized as smart classroom with podium and projector facility.  There are two well equipped  laboratories  with the capacity of 30-40 students in each  lab. All the  major instrument viz.Autoclave, Incubator, Hot plate, centrifuge, oven are installed. All the major  apparatus required in physiology and genetics like blood pressure instrument, Glucometer, Sphygmomanometer,  calorimeter, Electronic pH meter,conductivity meter, electrophoresis apparatus etc.are  well organized . Students are free to use  chemicals in biochemistry practicals. Microscopes  of different quality are provided  for observation   of different  slides. One of the  ornamentation  of department is   well  equipped museum  with huge articulated  skeletons of many mammals  and models of  animals. An aquarium with   beautiful  ornamental fishes is also  installed in  the department. 
Zoology  in India is headed by Zoological Survey of India (ZSI). There is ample scope for exploring animal world  and   biodiversity. Students  find opportunities  after doing graduation and post-graduation  in government departments, environmental  agencies, universities, colleges, biotechnological, pharmaceutical,environmental/ecological fields and many more.

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 Awareness programme on nutrition and health has been  conducted by the department of zoology. Students participated in various   competitions  like poster making  and gave presentations on the topic. 

VGC Mandi


Gender sensitization programme was conducted  by the department of Zoology in  Oct. 2018-19 .   Students of different department participated in  poster making competition.  Skit on female foeticide was performed  by the students.    Self defense    techniques  were performed by a student.Two students  gave PPT  presentation on the topic.


All the students of Zoology department visited Bio X labs in IIT Mandi  to learn about different techniques. Demonstration of Centrifuge, PCR, DNA extraction  was given by the attendants. IIT faculty  gave lecture on different  research topics.  

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi


Two days workshop on DNA fingerprinting was organised by the department of Zoology on  date 23rd July & 24th July  2019 . Students were  given the opportunity to  perform the techniques. All the students of B.Sc final year attended the programme and  40  student qualified the test  of DNA Fingerprinting. 

VGC Mandi


A workshop on time management for students and use of e resources for teachers was organised  on date  4 th March 2020 by the department of Zoology. Students of  all the departments and all the faculty members  participated in the event . This workshop was  organised under the social -corporate responsibility of the Institute. Resource person interacted with the students.  Teachers  learnt about online teaching and  google classroom.  


Counseling of students of B.Sc first year  regarding exams    was   done on 29th April 2022. In this session    
  doubts were cleared by the HOD and all faculty members of the department of Zoology. 


      Himachal  Pradesh Council for science ,Technology & Environment (HIMCOSTE) organized popular science  lecture series in the college in association with Zoology department on dt 27th july 2017. Invited speakers delivered lectures on different topics.  Lecture  on Biodiversity  was  given by Dr. Tejpal Singh   and Remote sensing  by Dr. Kunal Satyarthi. 


14 Students of B.Sc Zoology 5th semester prepared and presented   power point presentations  on dt 18th September 2017.About 90 students and all faculty members attended the seminar.Different topics were selected by the participants like DNA structure, Nucleotides, Mutations, Restriction Endonuclease, DNA fingerprinting, Human karyotype etc. 


 On the occasion of National Science  day celebration on 28th feb 2018  ,the students of zoology department prepared  posters on the theme "Science and Technology for a sustainable Future". The topics of interest were Global warming, Environmental pollution, wildlife conservation , greenhouse gases , renewable energy resources. 


One day  study tour /field visit  to HIM Hatchery a Govt. Poultry farm and hatchery at Sundernagar distt. Mandi  was organised  for the students of B.Sc 5th semester. About 230 students  and  faculty  members   visited the hatchery Various developmental stages  and equipments were demonstrated  by the attendants.  


During the Platinum  Jubilee Celebration function of VGC Mandi  30 students of the zoology department  participated in science exhibition . Students  prepared  models and posters. Models  on Sericulture, Animal diversity , Working kidney and lungs , Human heart and wildlife of Himachal Pradesh   were displayed by the students. 


Students of department of Zoology  participated  in the orientation programme on AIDS &Tuberculosis  organized by the District AIDS  control society on dt 27 th september 2018. A total of 150 students participated  in the programme. Students also visited the Blood bank ,ICTC and ART Centre of the Zonal hospital. 


Awareness programme on voluntary blood donation  among the students  was organised   by the department of zoology in association with red ribbon club.


Popular science lecture series was organised by the Himachal Pradesh Council for science technology  & environment  in the department . About 250 students and all the faculty  members attended the seminar.llectures on effect of change on flora &fauna by Dr. Shubhra Banerjee, Role of science in rural development by Prof. Kshama Maitra, Artificial   Intelligence by prof. Lalit kumar Awasthi  were delivered. 


On commemorating  WORLD AIDS DAY Students of Zoology department participated in poster making competition in the year 202-22 .

Counselling of girls for health & hygiene

 In the month of September in session 2022-23  counselling  of girls students  was done by the nursing college trainee In which various issues of girl's health and hygiene were discussed.

Demonstration of models & specimens of museum

 All the  specimens and models  of their syllabus   have been shown and demonstrated in detail  to the students  as a regular feature.

Use of intereactive board for presentations,Seminar by the students

Power point presentations and seminar were  given by the students on the particular topic  for subject knowledge and expression.

Seminar on stress management & career guidance

In the month of October a seminar on stress management  under the program  career guidance was conducted  in which students of zoology department  participated actively.

VGC Mandi


Department of Zoology organised  one day educational  field visit to Fish farm at Patlikuhl  and  nature park at Manali. All the students of B.Sc 3 rd year Zoology  major  visited  the  above mentioned locations on dated  7th Nov. 2022.Three Faculty members  of Zoology  department & 1 from botany department accompanied the   students. Mr Hem Singh Thakur Deputy director, Fishery department   & Mr. Rajender kumar Senior  fishery officer  interacted with the students  and delivered the lecture to the students.   

VGC Mandi


 Poster making & Collage making competition was organised on date 28th November 23 by the  department of Zoology in the college. About 34 students participated actively in both competitions. More than 130 students attended the programme. Main purpose of the event was to provide platform for expression of artistic,creative and innovative skills among the students. Results were declared by the  judges and mementoes were given to the winners for 1st , 2 nd 3 rd  positions and  for consolation. Dr. JaswantSingh Thakur HOD was the chief guest.  All the faculty members of Zoology department  Dr. Monika, Dr Sanjay Narang,Dr. Radhika  and from Botany department Prof. Priyanka Thakur , Prof. Neelam Sharma from department of Chemistry  attended the programme.

VGC Mandi


 Department of zoology organized seminar on Job opportunities and challenges in Forest department on dated 29th November 22. Lectures were delivered by the invited speakers Dr. Chaman Rao  DFO  Rampur  and   Sh Ashok Negi  DFO Sarahan  on the topic :job opportunities & Challenges , land use , People's rights and duties.  it was  an interactive  & participative session.200 students of B.Sc medical and all the faculty members of the Zoology department attended the programme. 

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

NAAC Visit

  In session 2022-23  team of NAAC visited  the Institute for next cycle of accreditation . Presentation  of all the activities of department was given. Team visited  all the labs / equipments and infrastructure . 

Induction and Counseling of students

In the beginning of the session an induction programme  with B.sc 1 st yr students was   carried out  in room no 22. Brief introduction was given about the subject courses and students introduced themselves  to all the faculty members. 


Students were given opportunity to visit the zoology labs and museum  to  get practical knowledge . Skeletons of various animals   displayed were shown to them .

Demonstration of Aquarium

All the students  of B.Sc  3rd yr  visited the  lab and  prepared the assignment on the aquarium fishes.  Working of Aquarium   was   demonstrated  with   live  examples . 

Guest lecture on Biosensors

 On 4 September Guest lecture was delivered by  Dr. Dhanjay  AP Allahabad  Central University . His topic was Biosensor and healthcare. All the faculty members of department of  Zoology   organised the event. Worthy principal Ms. Surina Sharma presided the event .

Guest lecture on Biosensors

 On 4 September Guest lecture was delivered by  Dr. Dhanjay  AP Allahabad  Central University .His topic was Biosensor and healthcare. All the faculty members of department of  Zoology   organised the event. Worthy principal Ms. Surina Sharma presided the event .


On 5 th September  teachers day was celebrated . 

Short term course on Vermicomposting

 Short term course on organic farming and vermicompost  for science students  has been started in the month of october on 5 th Oct.  under Utkrish   yojna .About 40 students were enrolled for the course. They will learn about different methods of organic farming and  biopesticides. These students were involved in practical  work.After completion of the course   Certificates  will be provided to all the participants.

Wildlife conservation &animal diversity week

Report on Wildlife Week Celebrations-2023 held on 10th Oct, 2023

On the occasion of the69th National Wildlife Week celebrations the Department of Zoology  and Department of Environment Science of Vallabh Government College organized a  poster making and collage making competition on Wildlife conservation and  Animal Diversity. A total number 25 student participated in the poster making  and collage making competition and 150 students attended the function. Prof. Surina Sharma, Principal, VGC Mandi presided over the event as Chief Guest of  the event.

Ms. Alisha and Ms. Akansha of BSc Zoology started the event by welcoming the Chief Guest ,Professors and students. Dr. Monika Panchani, Associate Professor and Head, Zoology Department, briefed the audience about the importance of National  Wildlife week and mentioned National Wildlife Week is being organized since1952 and it aims to improve the awareness among masses and to educate them about the importance of Wildlife and its conservation. She also conveyed the  message that we all should have compassion towards wildlife and should work for   its conservation.

A wonderful  presentation prepared by the students was showcased on variety of animal  diversity and its importance. The presentation was followed by a group song the BSc Zoology students. A brief on the spot quiz competition on Wildlife was also organized by Dr. Manoj Thakur, Assistant Professor, and Department of Environment Science in which students participated very actively.

Dr. Radhika Jamwal, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology announced the winners of the postermaking and collage making competition and facilitated the overall prizedistribution function. Ms. Vaishanvi Gaur Bsc 2nd year, Samriti Thakur  Bsc 2nd year, Kartik Sharma Bsc 3rd year and Abhay Pratap  Singh, Bsc 2nd year got the 1st, 2nd, 3rdand consolation prize in Poster making competition. Pallavi Thakur Bsc 2ndyear, Yukti Bsc 2nd year, Siya Bsc 2nd year and Shayna Thakur Bsc 3rd year got 1st, 2nd, 3rdand consolation prize in Collage making competition.

Prof. Surina Sharma in  her address mentioned that such events are regularly being organized in the  college as a part of extracurricular activity to boost student knowledge and  their overall mental development besides their studies. She said students have  lot of talent and they should actively participate in different events organized  at college, inter-college, regional level. Other Professors present in the  event were Prof. Devika Vaidya, Prof. Neetu, Prof. Madhavi Joshi, Prof. Anita  and Prof. Rajeev. Dr. Sanjay Narang, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology  gave the vote of thanks.


VGC Mandi

International Conference on Emerging Issues of Biodiversity and Environment for Sustainable Development

Two days  InternationalConference on “Emerging issues in Biodiversityand Environment for Sustainable Development on 14th and 15th February 2024  was organised by the  Department of Zoology and Environment Science of Vallabh Government College Mandi organized under the guidance ofPrincipal Ms. Surina Sharma. This conference coveredimportant issues on various aspectsof biodiversity conservation and environmentprotection in meeting the objectives of sustainable development. Sh. Krishan Vaidya,Additional Director (Retired), Department of Higher Education, GoHP graced theinaugural function of the event as our esteemed Chief Guest. The valedictory function of the event was gracedby Prof. Lalit Kumar Awasthi, Director, NIT Uttarakhand as Chief Guest of theevent. A total no of 66 research papers were presentedoffline, 78 online and 16 poster presentations were there. Besides the collegesand universities located in Himachal Pradesh, research papers were presentedfrom NIT and IIT, Panjab University, BHU, GHNB University Gharwal, PatnaUniversity, Chandigarh University, Sher-e-Kashmir University of AgriculturalSciences and Technology of Kashmir, Kurukshetra University, Ch. Charan SinghUniversity, Meerut,  Konkuk UniversitySeoul, South Korea , Manitoba Real Estate Association Canada, University ofIllinois, USA.

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