Department of Music, Vallabh Govt. Degree College, Mandi was established in the year 1948 and offers B.A. in Music. Studying in the Department of Music, Vallabh Govt. Degree College, Mandi is a truly different experience for the students. This is because on one hand, the students pursue their concurrent courses, while on the other hand, they also learn the traditional art forms of Indian classical music from the institute. 


The vision of the department of Music is to foster a holistic learning experience in young minds and channelize their talent and hone their skills to ensure a holistic and nurturing learning experience. The department aims to give a platform to students to actualize their talents and to give it a meaningful direction. Its objective is to focus on students who are intrigued by music and train them to master the subject and pursue it further.


To ensure holistic and all-round development and train students to attain proficiency in their fields and stroke their passion for music and encourage them to meet their professional goals.


Hindustani music connects the students and acquaints them to our traditional roots and tries to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Indian Classical Music and pass on the legacy to the generations to come to keep this ancient art form alive.


The main objective of our department is to create passionate musicians, teachers, educators and researchers who would pass on the legacy and rich cultural heritage to their succeeding generations. To equip students with the right skill set and techniques so that they can pursue it as a career. Also, to promote research in various aspect of Music and inter-disciplinary research.


Extensive research opportunities available in renowned central and state universities by ensuring highest standards of teaching and learning. Also preparing the students to showcase their talents and skills and get due recognition on various platforms.

Prof. Anupama Sharma

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Mobile No. : 8894558608

Designation : Assistant Professor

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Sh. Rajesh Kumar

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Mobile No. : 9418053354

Qualification : Tabla Player

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Folk Dance Audition

Dance performance

VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi
VGC Mandi

HPU Youth Festival Group- ll (Classical Music )

Audition for Classical Music 

HPU Youth Festival Group-lll

Audition for Folk Dance

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