Department of Painting has been established at VGC Mandi in 2017. Three years BachelorĀ“s degree course in Painting focuses mostly on history of Indian art, life and works of major Indian and western artists, Principles of art and fundamentals of art. Students get basic knowledge of painting principles via studying models or structure of painting areas.

Step by step they will proceed to learn about preparing composition, color surface, form and content of the work of art, thus making students aware of relationship connecting an idea, form and final media. They learn to understand and apply in practice principle artistic and painting phenomena such as surface and volume paintings, using of color contrasts, point, line, measure, gesture and movement.

In the course of the study, students work on thematic term assignments such as figurative and landscape painting which aim at enhancing their artistic sense and painting way of thinking. During the course students work on thematic key assignments that develop their feelings and artistic thinking, as well as their technical and technological skills. Students get acquainted with various techniques of painting and using color in space frame. They cultivate artistic thinking and sensitivity, being expressed through their creations, and through this process they are reaching out into deeper layers of their personality and searching for their sweet spot in contemporary art. Study curriculum allows the students to paint sceneries, portraits and creative compositions with different colour mediums. At the end of the degree course, a graduate from the Department of Painting will be able to artistically express himself/herself through painting.

Dr. Mujeeb Husain

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Mobile No. : 9736821518

Designation : Assistant Professor

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Painting exhibition organized by the department of painting

VGC Mandi

on the spot painting

On the spot painting by students

VGC Mandi

Painting Exhibition

Exhibition by students of Department of Painting

VGC Mandi

Student with Award

Ashwani Rana from Department of Painting won Bronze Medal in a National level painting competition in 2020

VGC Mandi

Department of Painting

Students preparing live portraits

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